2 Mood Boards



Mood boards for the Opticians web site. I’m interested in conveying ideas of blurred vision, circular symbols, laboratories, transparency and London, without having to spell any of it out.



Inspiration for the buttons and line illustrations on the Flat Design site. I’m interested in the way shadow and colour tones are used to lift the vector images.


A collection of sites I studied when making the Flat Design, each page is defined by a different colour and information is mainly illustrative. The first page is often a simple logo, and the layout generally symmetrical. Many of the sites use stronger colours but I wanted to combine a paler palette with toning illustrations to evoke a more minimal, clinical feeling as it’s a medical site.



Some sites with vertical navigation bars that run down through the pages creating a clear path for the visitor. Photographs are combined with flat or transparent blocks of colour that highlight or conceal relevant parts of the image. I thought this would be an interesting way to show the personnel at the opticians practice.

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